Due to increasing globalization of trade, corporate meetings with delegates from different countries and cultures are now commonplace. Consequently, the role of the professional interpreter is crucial to the success of meetings between delegates who do not share a common language. Not only does the interpreter intervene for the exchange of oral messages between the main interlocutors, but also for the mutual understanding of cultural aspects that have an impact on the successful outcome of international meetings. Business interpreting usually takes place during meetings with small groups of participants, the interpreter playing the role of linguistic and cultural mediator by verbally translating each sentence in the conversational exchange on the following occasions:
  • international trade fair interpreting
  • business negotiation interpreting
  • meetings and interview interpreting
  • technical training and seminar interpreting (with a small number of participants)

We offer a complete package for your trade fairs including translation and interpreting services with special discounts.

Remote interpreting

We also offer a valuable English to Italian and French to Italian distance interpreting service for the following purposes:
  • international phone calls
  • conference calls
  • videoconferencing