For a successful launch on the international market, it is essential for any IT product to be localized and tailored to different markets with specific cultural characteristics. Localization is a complex service that involves all parts of an IT product, in particular:
  • functional elements (interface, menus, buttons, windows, alerts, instructions etc.)
  • content texts (e.g. product descriptions in e-commerce websites, dialogue between characters in a videogame)

Main IT products subject to localization are:
  • software (all kinds, particularly corporate management systems)
  • websites, social networks and blogs
  • emails and newsletters
  • mobile device apps (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • videogames

Our mother-tongue translating and localization team is available to help your IT product become an international success.

Website localization

A website is now the most important point of reference and an international showcase for any company, brand or organization. It is paramount, then, that every website is translated and tailored to the languages, cultures and expectations of the users who may access its contents wherever they are in the world.
The main objectives of website localization are:
  • cultural adaptation of website textual content (product descriptions, corporate presentations, etc.)
  • adaptation of slogans, adverts and brand names to increase website popularity and prevent cultural misunderstanding due to ambiguous or incorrect translations
  • adaptation of functional elements (menus, links etc.)
  • translation of compulsory legal notices (privacy policy, terms and conditions, cookie policy etc.)
  • improvement of website visibility on search engines with SEO localization

App localization

The advent of mobile devices has led to growth in the app market, especially mobile apps containing software to meet the varied needs of users (texting, online purchasing, making restaurant and hotel bookings etc.) or enable them to follow their interests wherever they are (purchasing concert or event tickets, listening to music, watching films or videos, working out, etc.) The international success of an app is therefore determined by its linguistic and cultural accessibility. The only way to achieve this is by localization.

We are happy to provide further information about our app localization service on request.