The translation service allows any company, association or public organization to seize opportunities by providing communications solutions in both corporate and customer-facing contexts. We offer our experience and professionalism in translating texts designed for any purpose, not only with formalised linguistic accuracy, but also taking into account the various stylistic choices dictated by cultural, socio-political and legal aspects of the text.

Technical translations

The technical translation service is the ideal solution for all the communication needs of any company in any manufacturing sector. Technical translations mainly involve the following specialist areas:
  • machinery operation, instruction and maintenance manuals in all manufacturing fields
  • household appliance, IT device and consumer electronics usage instructions
  • packaging leaflets for medical, cosmetic and chemical products
  • technical documentation for the furniture industry (e.g. furniture assembly and dismantling instructions)
  • scientific publications

Commercial Translations

Commercial translations mainly include:
  • marketing translations: product and service catalogues, company presentations, press releases, trade marks and logos, newsletters, corporate magazines, press kits, questionnaires, market reasearch and all other corporate communication texts
  • advertising translations: slogans, adverts and compaigns, corporate videos, TV and radio adverts, flyers, brochures and all other promotional materials
  • Web translations: corporate website contents, online magazine articles, blog posts and all other web content
  • financial translations: financial reports, business plans, annual reports, balance sheets and accounting statements
  • contract and legal translations: sales contracts, exclusivity contracts, incorporation documents, power of attorney and all other international contracts

Tourism translations

Translation is an essential element in developing any business in the tourist industry. Our translation service therefore includes:
  • tourist guides in both print and online format
  • travel magazine articles and blog posts
  • museum, hotel and restaurant websites
  • wine and food itineraries
  • hotel, resort, museum and restaurant brochures and presentations
  • exhibition and show catalogues

Sworn translations

An important service we are now offering is for sworn and authenticated translations. Sworn translations are approved for use in public offices and facilities in Italy, such as courts, embassies etc. For example, a sworn translation may be required for school diplomas, degree certificates, birth, marriage and death certificates, etc. The authentication process includes the so-called "apostille" and a signature by a public officer that validates the translation for use in public facilities and courts in foreign countries. This service may be required for translations of documents relating to international adoptions, foreign university applications, etc.

Literary Translations

Literary translation is a very broad field that includes not just fiction and non-fiction, but writing in various sectors such as entertainment, sports, dining, cooking, tourism and so on. Consequently, our services cover, among others, the following areas:
  • newspaper and magazine articles in print and online format
  • essays and biographies
  • children's fiction and literature
  • popular science
  • reviews and critiques
  • news reports