About me
“You have as many lives as the number of languages you speak”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Chiara Balboni - Translation and interpreting in English-Italian and French-Italian
Meet Chiara Balboni

Becoming a professional translator and interpreter was the natural consequence of being passionate about foreign languages and cultures since I was a child. As soon as I graduated with my Master’s degree (in Foreign Languages for Communication in Companies and International Organizations), I decided to put the knowledge and skills I’d acquired at the service of companies, professionals and translation agencies.

Forever curious and inspired to learn new things in different fields and sectors, I’m always seeking to improve myself. My inspiration, in everything I do, has always been the maxim ‘Anyone who ceases to learn, whether at twenty years old or eighty, is old.

I update my skills regularly by taking training courses in specialised translation, marketing and communication. As an experienced professional I am also a member of APROTRAD, a French association of professional translators, and I’m registered as an expert translator and interpreter with the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

In 2020, I also founded Getaway Translations, an international team of mother-tongue translators who specialise in translation for tourism, travel, hotels, restaurants, catering, leisure and events.

How I arrived where I am today is explained in more detail below. Please contact me if you would like any further information or to request my references.

My core values

Value transparency and communication
Transparency and communication
I like to communicate with my clients with openness, honesty and precision. My quotes for translation and interpreting are clear and transparent. I always ask for clarification before and during a project, where necessary.
Value flexibility
I consider each and every client as unique and develop custom translation projects. I am flexible and can adapt my skills to project-specific requirements.
Value proactive approach
Proactive approach
I view every translation and interpreting job as a new challenge; I put my all into every project to bring it to a successful conclusion that responds to the client’s expectations.
My journey
  • High school diploma in Business Management and Accounting
  • BA in European Languages and Cultures
  • Internship in Paris as a Business Development Manager under the Leonardo Da Vinci European programme
  • C1 French certificate
  • MA in Foreign Languages for Communication in Companies and International Organizations
  • C2 English certificate
  • Established as freelance translator and interpreter
  • Various training courses in editorial, business, legal, technical and scientific translation
  • Founded Getaway Translations, an international team of translators specialising in tourism, travel, hotels, food and catering, leisure and events
  • Registered as an expert translator and interpreter with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Ferrara
  • Registered as an active member with APROTRAD (French association of professional translators)
CV Italian translator and interpreter
Continuing professional development in translation
Continuing Professional Development
A sample of the postgraduate professional development courses I’ve taken in specialised translation, marketing and communication, commerce and business management:
Translation for the tourist sector
Food and wine translation
Translation for arts and architecture in tourism
Legal, sworn and legalised translation
Financial translation
SEO & Google Analytics
Basic HTML development
Website localisation
Editorial translation (fiction and non-fiction)
SEO text design and copywriting
Digital content creation
Social media marketing
International bank guarantees
Basic Java development
Chemical and pharmaceutical translation
New and traditional marketing channels
Translation of contracts, powers of attorney, memoranda and articles of association
Competition analysis and international market positioning

Some interesting facts about me

Hobby recipe translation
I love cooking, so I’ve launched two Italian blogs - Ricette inglesi per italiani and Ricette francesi per italiani - where I translate and post recipes for well-known sweet and savoury dishes from English and French speaking countries
Hobby German language
In addition to English, French and Italian - my professional working languages - I can also get by in German
Hobby volleyball and sports
Sport and exercise are the way I like to let off steam. These days it’s Jujitsu and jogging, but in my mind, heart and soul I’m still a volleyball player and never say no to a game with friends
Hobby board games
I like to challenge my brain and develop my imagination and creativity with board games. From Terraforming Mars to Seven Wonders, Ticket to Ride and Pandemic, winter Saturday nights with friends always end too soon

Now that you know me better, let’s talk about how I can help you with your next translation and interpreting project. Together we’ll make it a success!