“If I am selling to you, I speak your language.
If I am buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen”
Willy Brandt

Your English-Italian and French-Italian interpreter
in Bologna, Modena and Ferrara

Italian interpreter in Bologna, Modena and Ferrara
Italian interpreter for trade fairs, meetings, negotiations,
training sessions and international events
Do you have a meeting with an Italian customer or supplier and want to be sure your thoughts are expressed clearly and effectively? Do you need to organize a seminar with your Italian sales staff or technicians to train them in equipment or machinery maintenance, or introduce your latest product range? Are you planning to exhibit at an international trade fair in Italy and need an expert Italian interpreter to help you communicate with visitors to your stand?
As a qualified English-to-Italian and French-to-Italian interpreter with 12+ years of experience, I can assist you at every stage of your business negotiations or event and convey your message faithfully, accurately, professionally and in keeping with the cultural norms.
Contact me now to request my Italian interpreting service for:
Trade fairs in Bologna
Trade fairs in Modena
Trade fairs in Ferrara
Trade fairs in Italy and abroad
Meetings and business presentations with Italian customers and suppliers
Negotiations with Italian customers and suppliers
Business open days in Italy
Business trips in Italy
Business breakfasts, lunches and dinners in Italy
Business visits in Italy
Online and in-person training and refresher courses in Italian
Conclusion of contracts in Italy
Meetings at legal offices in Italy
Court appearances in Italy
Meetings at public offices in Italy
Meetings with Italian lawyers and counsellors
Medical check-ups and consultations in Italy
Job interviews in Italy
Italian interpreter for trade fairs and meetings in Italy
Online Italian interpreter
Online Italian interpreter
With the development of efficient remote communication technologies, more and more businesses and professionals are opting to hold online meetings via services such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. In the light of this trend, I offer both in-person and online Italian interpreting and translation services with equally high standards of service quality and effectiveness. My services are available for online English-Italian and French-Italian interpreting for:
Online meetings
Online negotiations
Online counselling
International phone calls
Conference calls
Online training courses
Trade Fair Package: Italian language services for exhibitors
A complete Italian translation and interpreting package
If your business or company is planning to exhibit at a trade fair in Bologna, Modena, Ferrara or other location in Italy, my Trade Fair Package offers the perfect combination of language services for you. To prepare for an international trade fair in Italy, all communication materials relating to your products, services and corporate image need to be translated into Italian, including product/service catalogues, technical brochures and marketing materials. As well as being translated, they also need to be adapted to the norms and expectations of Italian visitors to your stand.
My Trade Fair Package includes:
Translation from English and/or French into Italian of all of marketing, advertising and technical documents required before, during and after the exhibition (catalogues, brochures, price lists, online and offline campaigns, social media campaigns, business presentations, etc.
English-Italian and French-Italian interpreting at your business or company exhibition stand.
My Trade Fair Package is available to book for any trade show in Italy. By using this package, you not only benefit from my special rates for Italian translation and interpreting, you also have the convenience of interacting with a single Italian language consultant on your company’s communication strategy.
Italian translation and interpreting for trade fairs

If you’re looking for an Italian interpreter or translator for a trade fair, event or business meeting, you’ve come to the right place for a personalized professional language service.