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Specialized translations into Italian

Do you have a translation project into Italian and are looking for a professional Italian translator?
Take a look at my areas of expertise below and see how I can help you
Marketing, business communication and public relations
To sustain a thriving business on the Italian market your communication campaigns, texts and marketing content must be translated into clear, captivating, persuasive Italian. Translations of this kind include:
Product and service brochures and catalogues
Company websites and online shops
Conventional advertising (flyers, billboards etc.)
Digital and social media marketing (search engine ads, blogs, social media posts etc.), also including SEO adaptation (Search Engine Optimization)
Direct email marketing (newsletters and promotional emails)
Press releases, media kits and press kits
Business presentations
Market research and customer satisfaction surveys and questionnaires
Translations for marketing, business communication and public relations
Translations for commerce, accounting and business management
Commerce, accounting and business management
Running a successful business requires precision and accuracy, and that goes for the translation of your commercial, accounting and management documents too. Contact me for translation into Italian of:
Emails, letters and business correspondence with Italian customers and suppliers
Quotes, offers, price lists and purchase orders
Documentation for tender applications
Balance sheets, budgets, accounts, audit reports and annual reports
Documentation for business meetings and shareholders’ meetings (agendas, minutes, reports, presentations etc.)
Communications to partners and shareholders
Shipping certificates, packing lists, bills of lading, invoices
Customs documents and other export requirements
Quality certification and ISO standard documentation
Bank statements
Tourism, travel, hotels and accommodation
A single mistake in your Italian brochure or on the Italian version of your website can make all the difference in whether holiday-makers and visitors opt to stay at your hotel, take your guided tour or book a trip with your travel agency. Tourism is my main translation specialization, and in 2020 I founded Getaway Translations, a team of translators with specific expertise in tourism, travel and hospitality covering all European languages.
Tourism and travel translations include:
Websites and marketing campaigns for hotels, B&Bs and other types of accommodation
Websites and marketing campaigns for travel agencies, tour operators, destination management companies (DMCs), local tourism associations and tourist offices
Websites and marketing campaigns for airlines, shipping companies, cruise lines, car rentals and other tourist transportation services
Holiday booking websites, software and apps
Brochures and catalogues for sightseeing tours, tourist visits, food & wine, and hiking tours
Conventional and online tourist guidebooks
B2B and B2C tourism and travel magazines, articles, editorials and blog posts
Online and offline communication and advertising campaigns
Brochures and catalogues for products and services
Museum and exhibition catalogues and brochures
Museum and exhibition audio guides
Translations for tourism, travel, hotels and hospitality
Translations for websites, e-commerce, software and apps
Websites, e-stores, software and applications
To launch your management software or innovative app on the Italian market, you should have it professionally translated into Italian. Contact me to discuss the translation and localization of any of the following into Italian:
Company websites
E-commerce, e-stores and sales ads
User Interface (UI) and User Experience (EX)
Online platforms for communities and business networks
Business management software and programs
Mobile apps
Software and apps for industrial automation
IOT (Internet Of Things) apps and software
User guides
Technical/scientific texts and informative articles
Send me your texts for translation into Italian if you need to disseminate the findings of your research or explain the technical specifications of your product:
Informative articles on science, technology, the environment and ecology
Research and development protocols
Abstracts of scientific papers
Technical specs
Translations of technical/scientific texts and informative articles
Translations for industrial machinery and household appliances
Documentation for industrial machinery and household appliances
Any machine, utensil, household appliance or electrical/electronic device comes with a set of mandatory technical documents which have to be translated into the language of the target market. Contact me for translation into Italian of the following:
User guides and maintenance manuals
Installation manuals
Service manuals
Instruction booklets
Technical data sheets
Technical diagrams
Spare parts lists
Technical files
Certificates of conformity
Safety data sheets
Translation of the above documentation into Italian is available for various industries, including:
Industrial machinery and equipment
Robotics and automation
Household appliances
Consumer electronics
Power electronics
Agricultural machines
Baking, patisserie and food industry equipment
Documentation for pharmaceutical, food supplement and cosmetic industries
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products have to comply with strict regulations, especially as in terms of the documentation provided to consumers. To launch or sell a medicinal product or food supplement on the Italian market, all the related documents must be translated into Italian in accordance with precise rules and regulations. I can assist you in translating:
Information leaflets for medicinal products and food supplements
Labels, ingredient lists and nutritional values
Packaging texts
Product catalogues with technical specifications
Recommendations for use
Marketing and communication campaigns for pharma and cosmetic companies
Translations for pharmaceuticals, food supplements and consmetic industries
Translations for food industry, restaurants and catering
Documentation for the food industry, restaurants, catering and food preparation
To export your high-quality produce or foods to Italy or convince Italian tourists to book a table at your restaurant, your Italian translations must be impeccable, persuasive and effective. Contact me for translations into Italian of:
Catalogues, descriptions and marketing campaigns for produce, ingredients and food products
Restaurant websites
Menus and price lists
Brochures and communication for catering services
Cooking blogs
Magazines, books and articles about food, restaurants, baking and cooking
Food and wine tours and visits
If you’re active in the food sector and would like a taste of my Italian translations, why not check out my recipe blogs:
Documentation for international events, meetings and the entertainment industry
A successful international sports event or concert is one that is sold out. Make sure your Italian dates are well-subscribed with invitations expertly translated into Italian:
Presentations and marketing campaigns for sports events, concerts, shows and other events
Communications for the entertainment industry (cinema, circus, street arts, performance art, drama, dance, music etc.)
Regulations and terms & conditions for participation in sporting events and arts competitions
Documentation and marketing texts for conferences, seminars and symposiums
Documentation and marketing campaigns for business open days
Screenplays and play scripts
Translations for international events, meetings and the entertainment industry
Translations of contracts and legal texts
Contracts and legal texts
Make sure the contracts and agreements you sign are effective and your rights fully protected when you make a deal or investment in Italy. Use my Italian translation service for the following documents:
Business contracts and agreements (distribution, exclusivity, agency, subcontracting, etc.)
Judicial records (judgments and sentences, appeals, subpoenas, orders, child placements etc.)
Contracts, agreements and conventions between private individuals
Powers of attorney, mandates and proxies
Notary deeds (inheritance, wills, sales, divorce etc.)
Tenancy, lease and rental contracts for property and production equipment
Memoranda, articles and certificates of incorporation
Privacy policies
Copyright and intellectual property
Non-disclosure and non-competition agreements
Insurance policies
Certificates and documents for expatriation and immigration purposes
If you’re applying for Italian citizenship or planning to move to Italy, all your certificates and personal documentation must be translated into Italian. I can help you with the translation of:
Birth, marriage and divorce certificates
School and university diplomas
Professional qualifications
Identity documents and passports
Criminal records and police certificates
International adoption documentation
Marital status and residence certificates
Translations of certificates and documents for expatriation and immigration
Certified and sworn translations
Certified and sworn translations
Certain official and/or legal and judicial documents require sworn or certified translation to be accepted and validated in Italy. Contact me for:
Certified Italian translations: my Italian translation of your document is endorsed with a declaration on letter-head paper indicating that it is a true and accurate translation of the original document
Sworn Italian translations: my Italian translation of your document bears the stamp, seal and signature of the Court of Ferrara or a notary public, before which I have sworn that the translation is true and faithful to the original
Some types of documents, including birth and marriage certificates, diplomas and articles of incorporation, require a sworn or certified Italian translation. Generally speaking, certified or sworn translations may be required for expatriation and immigration purposes and for private or business international transactions. I can advise you which type of translation certificate you need and ensure your documentation complies with Italian bureaucratic requirements.

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