“Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country”
Italo Calvino

English-Italian and French-Italian Translations

Business, technical and legal translation into Italian
Is your company planning to break into the Italian market? Then your product catalogue and website should be translated into Italian. Are you relocating to Italy or buying a holiday home in the Tuscan hills? Then you need a sworn translation of your birth and marriage certificates. Do you export your machinery or appliances to Italy? Then your user and maintenance manuals have to be translated into Italian. Does all this seem like a hassle to you? No worries, I’m here to help. With my online Italian translation service, I can translate your texts and documents quickly and conveniently. I’m located in the Bologna-Modena-Ferrara area, but I can easily assist you wherever you are, either in Italy or abroad.
Contact me for the following services:
English-to-Italian translation, localization, proofreading and editing
Italian-to-English translation, localization, proofreading and editing
French-to-Italian translation, localization, proofreading and editing
Italian-to-French translation, localization, proofreading and editing
My areas of specialization cover a wide range of sectors, including:
Marketing and international communications
Accounts and business management
Contracts, notary deeds and legal documents
Technical manuals and documentation
Websites, e-commerce, software and apps
Food industry, gastronomy and catering
Tourism, travel, hotels, events and entertainment
Translations into English
Translations into French
Translations into Italian

How does the translation process work?

If you have a text or document you need translated into Italian, English or French, there are just a few steps to follow. Here’s how it works.
Send me the text or document by email to The preferred format is MS Word or Excel, but I can also process PDF, InDesign and other specialist formats. Don’t forget to mention in your email the language combination you require and the turnaround time.
When I receive your document, I’ll check it for subject matter, purpose and target audience.
I’ll reply with my best offer within 24 hours, taking into account volume, technicality of language and terminology. My quote will indicate the cost (usually a rate per word) any other applicable charges, turnaround time and terms and conditions.
If you agree to the quote, confirm by email and I’ll start working on your project straight away, using all available language and terminology resources at my disposal. I’ll ask you for clarification during the translation process, if necessary.
For translations from Italian into English or French, I work with professional, mother-tongue colleagues who proofread and revise my translations to ensure they’re correct.
Your translation is now ready. You’ll receive it by email in the agreed file format. If you’ve requested a sworn or certified translation, I’ll send you the translation and the stamped certification by registered mail or express courier.
Alongside the translation, I’ll issue my invoice. For ongoing collaborations, I issue invoices at the end of each month.
Easy, right? If you still have questions or anything is unclear, please call me and I’ll be happy to explain how to proceed. Request a quote now!
English-Italian and French-Italian localization
English-Italian and French-Italian localization
When launching a product or service on the Italian market, proceed with caution! Your Italian target audience should perceive that the product and the marketing campaign are designed specifically for them, so they must respond to your audience’s socio-cultural expectations. ‘Localization’ into Italian means adapting products, content and documents to the linguistic and cultural norms of Italy and its native speakers.
A number of essential elements are involved in localization, including:
The way numbers, dates, units of time and measurements are written;
The currency used in the country and price conversion;
Symbols, icons and colors;
Idioms, phrasing and concepts that may be unintelligible, subject to misinterpretation or considered inappropriate in the target culture;
Legal requirements that vary between countries;
And so on.
To avoid problems when designing your Italian communication and marketing campaign, contact me and I’ll be there to localize your English or French website, online store, software, mobile app, product packaging, labels and instructions, marketing campaign, blog posts and any other types of text into Italian.
English-Italian and French-Italian proofreading, revision and editing
As well as translating, I also provide a proofreading, revising and editing service.
If you have a text in Italian, French or English, either original or translated, and need it to be linguistically accurate and impeccable, I will read through it and correct the grammar, spelling, punctuation and all other essential elements and aspects.
Effective communication is easy – you focus on the essence of your message and I’ll take care of the rest!
English-Italian and French-Italian proofreading and editing

Now you’ve read all about my language services in Italian, English and French, pick the one that suits your needs then contact me and tell me about your project.